Qualities Of A Good Moving Company


Preparation before the move Is the key to making a successful house move. The first thing to think about is choosing a removal service correctly.

Any serious removal company will take care of the damages that may occur in the transfer, which is never taken care of are the non-professionals. Most unregistered moving companies do not even pack both the furniture and the appliances correctly.

Quality packaging

Make sure the company has a good packaging for all your furniture and items. Sometimes the only thing they offer is a low price. Ask for different quotes in writing and rate what each company offers before hiring.

A licensed movers must at least have the basic materials. Such items include plastic, bubble wraps, corrugated cardboard, paper craft cardboard boxes, extensible film, double sided adhesive tapes, and stickers.

Find out that the Jacksonville movers have professional packaging of all the appliances, even the most delicate ones.

Quotation and Pricing

A good company always negotiates well the form and the payment scheme.

Observe if the breakdown of the budget has a satisfactory level of quality. The quote should be fair to the client and beneficial to the company. It is important that the quote should be provided to you in written form or by email. You can’t be assured of the quote if it is only given to you on the phone.

A professional moving company does not require you to pay in advance. By law, you do not have to pay the money until the service is complete. Reaching an agreement between the parties is normal.

It is important that, when elaborating said budget, they put exactly the elements that you want to transfer, the method of transfer and the location.

A good company always sets the date of service execution. You can vary the price if it falls on holidays or weekends. A reliable movers will keep you informed about everything and give you a written quote. This is the best way to protect yourself in case the service is not as you expected.

There are times that the most expensive is not the best and in return, do not trust companies that are too cheap. Often, you will spend more on a very cheap company and service. Handling Antique and

Handling of Fragile Furniture

Find out in detail what kind of materials they use to pack your belongings. Ask what kind of precautions they are implementing to protect the most delicate objects. Like antique furniture, paintings, and crystals.

A good company establishes the method with which the furniture of the house will be removed. It should also have a way with the bigger furniture and those that need disassembly and assembly.

  • Find out if they can dismantle and assemble furniture.
  • Make sure they assemble all furniture is properly.
  • Check if they use cabinets hangers for hanging clothes.
  • It tells you the approximate time it will take to make the transfer service and the number of trips you will need.

Get information on the type of vehicle they use. Know the size, is it an open type vehicle, or if it is a van or truck, etc. With this, you will be able to avoid possible problems in the process of transfer of your belongings.

Find out if they can carry heavy items such as pianos, American refrigerators, large pots of plants. You should also make an agreement that the company will reimburse you in case they cannot transport your things. Make sure that you put that agreement in writing and the maximum transportation time.

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