Ultimate Secrets To A Perfect Move


Be Prepared

Begin with removing all the unnecessary items especially those seasonal things that you have that may require putting in a storage facility. Think of the current and next season for you to have an idea of that stuff that you need immediately. It is also good if you can organize all the summer gadgets that are very expensive for you to save money. No matter how sentimental an item to you, always consider its practical use if it deserves to be included in your moving boxes. List down all the things you gathered and decide the kind and count of boxes you need.

Have your survival kit

Always plan the things you immediately need after the move. Prepare your beddings especially if you are not comfortable sleeping in a room without mattress. Be sure to pack your bed linen, towels, pajamas and a bath towel on the first level of your luggage for effortless packing. With this, you certainly wake up rested and fresh again.

Decide if you need a moving company

It is well known that utilizing a moving company makes a move far easier than doing it alone. The need to acquire their assistance depends on several factors. If you have a lot of heavy and fragile furniture to include in your move, then contacting a mover is advisable to assure a safe transport. On the other hand, the cost needs much consideration because this might affect your overall budgeting.

The best thing to do is to inquire three to four various moving companies near you. You can also check only those providers near in your area. You can use the keywords “movers Orange Park” on some directories. If your new place is situated in Ponte Vedra, you can use the keyword “Ponte Vedra movers”. Checking reviews of each moving company is also a big help for choosing wisely. You can check some blogs or forums about their individual feedback. You can use the statement “my Jacksonville moving reviews’ to check the exact discussion.

Collect boxes for your items

To get everything ready, you need to start about three weeks before the day of moving. You can start by collecting the boxes of the merchants of the area, and if you need more, you can buy in the shops but make sure to check the quality of boxes. Do not forget to have a list of your items so as to identify appropriate boxes to purchase.

How to package a whole house?

Create a checklist on the order of your items then follow it when packing. Keep each room separately and mark each box with the name of the room to which it corresponds. Moreover, when you do not want anything to break on the way, get yourself a roll of bubble wrap or old sheets to wrap the most sensitive objects.

Use the mover’s truck properly

Make the most of the space. First load the large furniture, then the heavier boxes, so that they secure the furniture, and the lighter ones.. Go filling with loose parts and secure with strings, so that nothing falls. A tip: wear comfortable clothes and loose, that allows you the freedom of movement and do not carry very heavy objects, if you do not want to see your body suffer.

Unpacking 101

Finally, you arrive at your new home, although there are so many things to think and that you do not know where to start. Calm down! Breathe then begin. First, assemble the furniture, then open the boxes according to the order in your checklist then try to fold them at the same time to take up less space, and finally, plug the refrigerator. Be sure not to miss any pieces. Put the screws and small pieces of each in plastic bags, specifying the furniture in question. Your list is your savior and of course, the movers behind you.

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